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Buying an account

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, you can register a 10-day demo SBProX account directly from the platform. Download the platform, launch SBProX, click "Demo", enter your email and click "Register". After a while, you will receive an email with access data for a 10 day demo account. Demo registration is possible only once. Repeated demo registrations are not possible.

How do I pay for my SBProX account?

Choose a tariff on the "Prices" page, click "Buy", and in the payment form be sure to specify the email to which your SBProX account will be registered. Immediately after successful payment, you will automatically receive an email with login and password, as well as links to manual how to connect and configure the platform.

I purchased an account, but I didn't receive an email. What do I do?

First check your spam folder in your inbox, sometimes emails get there for some reason. If you have paid for a platform license and have not received an email with access data, please contact us in any of the ways. Don't forget to specify the time of payment, the email specified during the purchase, and the details from which the payment was made (card number and bank statement of successful transaction).

I didn't like the platform, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately, there is no refund for paying for an account. You can register a 10-day demo account and pre-test the work of the platform. Also, it is necessary that your computer meets the "System requirements" for the correct operation of the platform.

Can an account be reassigned to another person?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the email to which your SBProX account is registered. The account email is invariably linked to your SBPro account.

If you do not agree to this condition, do not purchase the platform.

I have MAC OS, can I use SBProX?

Yes, you can use the platform on mac os through virtual machines with Windows OS (starting from Windows 10 or 11) installed on them. See the System requirements page for more information.

Are there any discounts for buying an SBProX account?

For information about emerging discounts on SBProX platform license purchase, please visit our official website.

Where is the SBProX account details sent to when paying via Google Pay or Apple Pay?

If you pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay, your account details will come to the email that is linked to your Google Pay or Apple Pay account.

Can I purchase an account if my current account has not expired?

​​Yes, you can. If you purchase accounts, the validity period of the account will add up, provided that a paid account has already been purchased and that the account is purchased with the same email.

10 days


Full functionality
Full list of tickers

1 year

Full functionality

Full list of tickers



2 years


10% discount

Full functionality

Full list of tickers


3 years


20% discount

Full functionality

Full list of tickers


By clicking "Buy" you confirm that you accept the Terms of use and System requirements .


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